Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Karnataka's first Fodder Densification Unit in Chamarajanagar

Mysore Milk Union Limited to have fodder farms in every taluks at the plot of ten acres.

Now-a-days farmers own small piece of land and with the generated less amount of income they cannot offer good amount of nutritious feed for their livestock’s. While, in the offered fodder about 70 per cent of the dry straws will be wasted while chowing by animals.

In this regard, MYMUL is coming out with an unique project to mechanise the agro waste in districts and cut down the waste. It will be inaugurating Karnataka's first Fodder Densification Unit (Fodder Block) at Munachanahhli in Chamarajanagar District in next month.

The set-up machines will compress the dry fodder into blocks enriching fodder value by adding cattle feed ingredients like fodder, wheat and paddy straw, mineral mixture, and much more.

MS Lakshmi Prasad Yadav of Mymul said that wastage of about 90 per cent of dry straws can be prevented by providing blocks for animals.  The produced fodder blocks will be distributed to farmers of Mysore and Chamarajanagar and transportation is also a loss cost affair.

'The block provides good quality of nutritious food for animals in a affordable price. For a big cow two block per day is sufficient, while one for smaller cow. About 60 per cent of chopped straw, cane grass, molasses, will be added to over come nutritious deficiency. Apart this, in winter season the fooder will be stored in the unit and will be supplied in summer,' he added.  

The unit will be set up in five acres of land  and the estimated cost of the Projects is Rs 2.6 crore, in which Rs 1.6 crore will be funded by GoI, under Rashtriya Krushi Vikas Yojana (RKVY) and another crore will be owned by Mysore Milk Union Limited (MYMUL). The capacity of the plant is it produces 12 tonnes of block per day. The Unit will be developed in the lies of Uttarkhand Densification Unit, he added.

Madhumathi, farmer women of Periyapatna said that “we are finding it hard to serve food for animals due to severe scarcity of fodder followign droguht. The blocks will be really a boon for us as its save maximum amount of waste.”

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Fodder farms in taluks
Mymul will be extending the fodder farms in all the taluks of district. Ten acres of plot will be identified in every taluks and varieties of fodder will be grown and supplied to the farmers. Already lands at KR Nagar and Hebbenathi at Periyapatna has been finalized and land identification at   Mysore, Chamarajanagar, Kollegal are under progress. In the unique fodder farm set-up at Allanahalli, Mysore the officers are facing severe shortage to meet the demand of farmers.

Modernization works at pilgrimage centers
Mudukuthore Temple steps will be relaid and Sri Rama Temple at Chunchanakatte will be developed as a tourist place

In a bid to provide ambient atmosphere for tourists visiting historic and pilgrimage centers across the district, the Departments of Muzrai and Tourism have jointly taken up major renovation work and modernisation works at these places costing Rs 1.5 crore.

Mudukuthore, one of the Panchalingas near Talkadu in T Narasipur Taluk, situated atop a hillock in the backdrop of the Somagirihill ranges attracts large number of tourist. The visitors here will cherish the picturesque backdrop of hill, as well as worship Lord Mallikarjuna. The Hill being situated on the banks of Cauvery river, one has to climb hundreds of steps to reach the temple.

As the steps to the hill temple are not properly placed, the relaid work is under progress atop the hill from Betrahalli Maramma temple to Hill, so that the visiting devotees and tourists can climb it with ease. There are about 180 steps in which already 40 steps have been relaid. The cost of the project is Rs 50 lakh.

Famous Chunchanakatte Water Falls, where the water cascades from a height of 22 meters on River Cauvery will be made as a tourist spot  at the cost of Rs 25 lakh. Sri Rama Temple at Chunchanakatte will also be developed.

Construction of toilets, drinking water tanks and rest rooms for devotees will be taken up at Kendaganna Swamy Temple in Hunsur Taluk, Srikanteshwara Swamy Temple in Nanjangud; Vaidyanatheshwara Temple at Talakadu at the cost of Rs 25 lakh respectively.

Muzrai Department Tahsildar Yathiraju said that the necessary lands will be provided by the Department whereas the expenditures incurred for the construction will be borne by the Tourism Department.  In the sanctioned Rs 1.5 crore already 1.25 crore has been released and the works are under progress.

“With steady increase in the number of devotees as well as tourists visiting the holy shrines every year, there is an urgent need to provide basic amenities at these places,” he added. 

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