Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Walking on the mountains is just a moon walk for these women

“Being a women is no hindrance to climb mountain are scale peak rocks,” say adventurist women (senior citizens) who have rediscovered life at the middle of 50s and have become inspiration for many women in the middle age or aging.

While, under the banner of Gangotri Youth Hostel and guidance of KM Gopamma most of the women have explored into adventure activities and have took up mountain climbing in their middle age of 40's and 50's. Some of them have become so emerald that they have made it practice to climb Himalayas twice in a year and have become professional adventurist !

The interesting feature is non of them have undergone any formal training in mountaineering or trekking. Successfully finishing all their family duties they have got new lease of life in their middle age.  

63-year-old Annapoorna V Kurupinakoppa and 64-year-old Saraswathi Somashekar are no exception. They have climbed himalayas several times and have crossed over toughest routes like Kailasa, Manasagangotri, Parikrama and several other high altitude trekking expedition. They say age and sex are not barricade to take part in any adventure activities.

Annapoorna who is suffering from blood pressure, sugar, thyroid problems has climbed Himalayas about 23 times. “Though the adventure on Himalayas are very risky we never miss the chance to visit yearly twice. Selling sarees, I saved some money and started my first expedition,” she said with proud.

Explaining her interest towards adventurer, she said: “I was inspired after reading history of famous mountain climber Tenzing Norgay in 8th standard and wished to see the mountain once in my lifetime. The dream was fulfilled in 2008.”

54-year-old VA Madhuri employed at BSNL says the most unforgettable times in expedition is interacting with solider. Every humanbeing in his lifetime should make attempt to see the beauty of Himalayas once in life time, adds Saroja Shekhar.
“When we stood on Everest base there was no end for our joy. There will be sense of satisfaction when we reach the height of 21,000 feet above sea level,” say Rukmini Mala, Radha, Sheela and Harini.  

“Climbing mountain gives us lot of thrill. We have learnt to over come problems in life, leadership quality, decision making capability, and have gained mental and physical health,” says adventurist Sandhya.

“More number of women should take up mountain climbing, without restricting themselves. They should have the thirst to explore new things and acquiring knowledge on adventurer activity, which is amazing,” said Sumathi.

“A women's role does not end in kitchen alone. Some of the women lag behind to involve in adventure activities after middle age. Throwing out the fear, the women should step in confidence and try to venture out,” added Veena Ramesh.  

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