Tuesday, April 1, 2014

V-Day is slowly becoming popular among all denominations

Valentine's Day, an exclusive day for openly expressing ones love to his/her beloved, is slowly becoming popular among all denominations. Gone are the days where only the young and newly-fallen in love waited for this special occasion to express their love. Today it is being observed by even those who have entered into wedlock through arranged marriages.

Even those who are happily married for decades never miss this opportunity to express their love to their long standing partner. Couple Tanuja Rai said  for the past seven years she has been regularly gifting her husband with T-shirts, and greeting cards on the occasion and ending the day by hosting a sumptuous dinner at their favourite eat out.

"Though ours is a arrange marriage, I feel happy expressing my love on this day every year. Though I do not express my love openly with words, I prepare special dinner on the day. The first celebration of Valentine's Day always remains as a sweet memory for me, as hearing my wish to celebrate the V-day, my husband started laughing.” she added.

Another Couple, Hema and Venakatesh are observing the Valentine's Day for the past 19 years. “We happily look forward to celebrate this day and in fact make plans a week in advance for the celebration.”

Housewife Chaya celebrates the day with family members. She says: “I was married when I was 16 year old. I feel something special in celebrating the day accompanied with my husband and children. This is a golden opportunity to express our love and faith with our partner.”

"I prepare special dinner on that day, and arrange candle light dinner on the roof top of our house. It was on this day I had proposed my love and ever year we recollect this moment,” says Nayana, who got married three years ago to her boyfriend.

Demand for roses
The greeting shop owners, flower vendors were seen having roarding business. Flower vendor Raju said that demand for red roses is high. With high demand, the vendors were seen charging a single rose about Rs 10 to Rs 20, depending on the size.

Apart this, new varieties of ice-creams with eye catching names are being introduced to attract lovers. The sale of varieties of flavour chocolates, and other gift articles had goes up during the day. Youngsters were seen spending time with their dear ones at several joints of the city.

Midnight masses, special prayers heralds Christmas celebrations

The festival fervour has gripped city of palaces. People from all walks of life were seen thronging in large number to churches across city to offer midnight masses, special prayers.

The churches across city were illuminated with colourful lightings and decorative items. Star shaped paper lanterns have been hung in front of houses, churches. Christmas tress, nativity scene were placed at  to mark the birth of the Infant Jesus. Paper buntings, wide variety of christmas bells, chimes were used to decorate cribs, x-mas tree.

Soon the clock strikes 12 at Midnight, bells chims at Churches. Amidst hymns, carols, mass prayers the idol of Infant jesus will be taken out in procession and placed in the crib, accompanied with idol of Mary. Nativity plays will be staged at some Chruches, depicting the birth, life of Jesus Christ, said sources in the church.

The St Philomena's Cathedral, an heritage structure built in Gothic Architectural Style will be cynosure of all eyes every year during Christmas. Tourist throng to Mysore, during last week of December to offer prayers at the church.

“Feasting, caroling, mass prayers, exchange of wishes, gifts, sweets, mark the Christmas celebrations. With high spirit we gear up for Christmas. Every year accompanied with family members, friends, I visit few of the Churches in city and offer mid night prayer,” said Thomas, resident of Saraswathipuram.  

“Christmas is a time for renuions of family, friends, neighbours.  A week before to festival we start preparation. We prepared wide variety of snacks, clean our houses, plan how to d├ęcor cribs, tree. Christmas tree will be placed,” said Josna, resident of Vidyaranya Puram.

Huge rush at shops  
People were seen enthusiastically purchasing gift items at the gift stores. Christmas trees, ornaments, chimes, Christmas Tree,  jingle bells decorate items were sold like hot cake. The wine outlets, cake corners too had good business. Though some of them prepare traditional Christmas cake at home, majority of them have booked in advance at the cake corner, bakeries 15 days prior.

Dressed as Santa, some of them were seen distributing chocolates, cake,and wide variety of snacks for children. They were seen exchanging the Christmas greetings with visitors to shop.

Unqualified doctors seek recognition

Express News Service
Mysore, February 6  

“As per Karnataka Private Medical Establishments Act 2007 and 2009, all private establishments have to register to continue the practice. But, thousands of unqualified doctors who are practicing from decades are facing threat and are in dark side of the future,” said BS Chandru, member of  Anubhavi Mattu Vamshaparamparika Vaidyara Sangha.

Addressing the media persons here on Thursday, he said that they have   requested Health and Family Welfare Minister UT Khader on Wednesday to set-up a high-level committee and address their problems.

“Thousands of Self-learnt homeopath practitioners, traditional and herbal healers (unqualified doctors) are practicing in state. Recognising such unqualified doctors, Medical Practitioners (RMPs) and Private Medical Practitioners (PMPs) training should be provided and registration should be given to continue medical practices in their respective field,” he added.

“The central government is giving directions since 1996, to recognise and give registration for unqualified doctors. Its very unfortunate that Karnataka government has not come forward so far. Whereas, the Kerala State has introduced a Act, exclusively for unqualified doctors” he added.

He further said that “The Karnataka Private Medical Establishments Act 2007 and 2009 is against the Indian constitution. Thus, we had filed a writ in High Court. In the same, the Court has given interim order to government,” he added.  

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