Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Henceforth City hospitals upload data of birth and death online

The Mysore City Corporation will soon install a software developed by the Municipal Reforms Cell of the Directorate of Municipal Administration in 2006.

With this it now becomes easy for government hospitals to upload online details of birth and death, at the click of a button. Similarly the same information can also be retrieved online where one can view the details of any person by simply entering the date and answering certain simple questions.

Though the software was developed nearly seven years ago, the Mysore City Corporation has now come forward to adopt the same. With this all the data (related to birth and death) available with the Corporation since 1945 to 2008 will now be uploaded online. After due verification, the website will be opened for free access to online public view.
Once the software is fully implemented and gradually streamlined with the requisite modifications deemed necessary, the trouble people took running from pillar to post to get the birth/death certificates of their family members will come to an end.

Beena, a Programmer in the Computer Section said that to begin with all Government hospitals in the district will be provided with an user id and password. With this, the hospitals can record the birth or death online and thus the database gets automatically updated.

Sources to Express said that 'for some unknown reason the software application is not been installed by few municipalities across state and apart from Mysore, several Districts are yet to adopt the new application.
Corporation's Own Search Application no more

It can be remembered here, the Mysore City Corporation had developed its own search application http://mysorecity.gov.in/egbnd/SearchReports.do in 2000.

Under this application the citizen had the provision to view the birth and death records. But, the irony is, though the website link was working, public could not get to view any detail for the past several years with application being not updated.

The officials of Corporation neither made attempt to adopt the new software developed by Municipal Reforms Cell since 2006, nor kept the own developed application active. 

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