Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Expo on William Shakespeare was cynosure of all eyes

Are you curious to watch the 36 plays penned by Shakespeare and lot of pictures related to Shakespeare birth, schooling and house. Then don't miss the opportunity to visit St Philomena's College, where rare photographs of Shakespeare, the Bard of Avon have been displayed by a English Professor BN Balajee.

His expo includes samples of Shakespeare handwriting and more than 100 books on Shakespeare and seminal books. Besides this, he has 70-year-old long play gramophone records, tapes, cassettes and DVDs of all the 36 dramas of shakespeare.

To mark the 450th birthday of William Shakespeare, Professor BN Balajee had displayed more than 600 photographs, postcards, posters, placards, DVD's at the venue here on Wednesday, which are collected by him personally in 2007-08 visiting the Bard birth place Stratford-upon-Avon, London and Newyork.

The expo also includes an exquisite collection of lecturers and drama and English litterateur. The latest collections is from Chicago, Stratford, London depicting the celebration which includes processions, pageants, road shows and fireworks.

Speaking to Express, Balajee said that inspired by his Prof Anniah Gowda he visited globe theater at London twice and birth place of Bard Stratford-upon-Avon in 2007 and 2008. Later, he has went to Newyork and has visited several theater, libraries.

During his visited he has collected the posters, tickets, brochures of drama shows. The expo includes a collection of pictorial details of scenes from the Bard's tragedies and comedy.
I believe students by watching the pictures, listening to stage actors and imitating great actors like Maralon Barndo, Sir Laurence Oliver students can learn how to speak English with stress rhythm and intonation,” he added.

The expo was cynosure of all eyes. Former Ambassador Prof Koushik and many dignitaries visited the expo. The expo concludes on April 24 at 4 pm.

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