Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Wodeyar a fashion designer....

Srikantadatta Narasimharaja Wodeyar had developed a keen interest in fashion designing. He was well renowned as fashion designer and a promoter of Mysore silk sarees under his Royal Silk of Mysore brand name.

As per the sources, after giving up racing long back, he developed interest in promoting designer sarees and was successful in the venture.
He involved himself several celebrity ramp shows and fashion designing and promoted his brands with Ganda Berunda symbol world wide. He had hosted fashion show accompanied with Prasad Bidappa, renowned fashion designer.

According to Jayanth Balal, Proprietor of Needle Works, the Wodeyar used to host fashion show on his birthday, and models were invited from Bombay. “He was very much conscious in fashion desgining. The crape and silk sares are world wide famous. The crape sares were very attractive and finishing were given taking utmost care, she adds.


Wodeyar too passionate about animals
Wodyar was too passionate about animals and was caring the animals very much. He was looking after, as many as 150 horses, 40 cows, six elephants and seven camels in Mysore and Bangalore.

His last visit to animal shelter was two weeks ago, before undergoing treatment for fat removal. Sources in the palace said, Wodeyar used to enjoy spend time with animals and was visiting the animal shelter oftenly.

An in-charger of animal care taking department said: “The Wodeyar was inquiring about problems, requirement of animals as well as the staff. We were very friendly with him. Soon we heard the news of the demise, we were left speechless. We miss the Wodeyar lot.”



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