Tuesday, April 1, 2014

'Develop network to address violence against women'

Administrative Training Institute Director General Dr Amita Prasad said that Karnataka has the highest sex workers population and called upon the women entrepreneurs to empower such women.

“Immoral trafficking is a major problem need to be addressed. Those who have the capacity to employ and empower such helpless women should provide them a opportunity to work and bring them to the mainstream of society,” she added.

She was speaking after the inaugural of conference on 'Empowering the Indian Women: A Vision to Fly Higher' in city on Friday. The event was organised by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), as part of International Women’s Day celebrations.

“Many of the women will be encountering with several sorts of problems including domestic violence. The women should develop a network to  protect and help women whoever facing violence and are in trouble,” she suggested.

Stating it is unfortunate that several well educated men indulge in domestic violence and it is also true that a women simply cannot walk out of her marriage, she asked women not to tolerate anything that is incorrect or discriminating as that will suppress feelings and growth of woman as an individual.

“Some of the educated families and women themselves indulge in things like female feticide. This happens because the Indian society has not prepared for equal treatment of men and women in the country.
Many women are so bound by their families and spouses that they hesitate to go out take decisions or even meet people in public. This has to change,” she added.

“The society does a lot of gender bias. Many think that certain works should be done only by men and women aren't capable to do certain kind of works. Even today woman doesn’t have a chance to make a choice and take her own decisions. One has to recognise woman as a person first and as a woman later.”

“It is also sad that several women even today think getting married is a major task. Even several movies and advertisements showcase women as weaker individuals. A woman has to realise that she can do much more,” she said, called upon women to skill themselves apart from being well versed in the regular life skills such as cooking and cleaning.

“There was a time when feminist movements happened in plenty.  However, people and their attitude toward women has been changing today. So voice your opinions the right way before the right people. And if you can make your own choices, you can achieve wonders. Also, none should indulge in being gender biased or gender stereotyping, she said.

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