Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Nonagenarian struggle to get pension of just Rs 400

Corruption and insensitivity has stooped to such a level in society, the people suffering is not understood. In such here is a heart-quenching incident, where a   Ninety-five-year-old granny, who is in the evening of her life, is yet to get her paltry pension from the last fourteen months.

Nonagenarian MS Gowramma resident of the Bannimantap is the unfortunate persons, who is striving hard to get the poor pension of just Rs 400. She is fed-up over a year knocking on the doors of Thasildar Office and DC office seeking for pension. But the officials seem to have completely turned blind eye by simply ignoring her.

Being deaf, with severe intumescence in legs, she walks for about five kilometers seeking pension. But, she is turned back repeatedly as the officers refuse her request for pension.

Gowramma lost her husband two decades ago. Among six children (four boys and two girls), she has even lost her three elder sons and her daughters are residing far. Right now, she is residing with her last son wife at Bannimantap, where even again mystery her son is addicted to alcohol and is settled in Bangalore. She said from last 14 months she has not obtained her pension, whereas earlier she was receiving.

She says, “When I paid visit to Thasildar office seeking pension, they asked me to visit DC's office. If I come here they ask me to visit Thasildar office. I am totally confused whats happening with me.”

“I think why the officers wont understand my ageism problem. I am not even a position to come in bus, as the officers ask me to visit repeatedly. If I spend the money for my travel, then what the use in getting pension. I request the officials to release my pension amount at the earliest,” she said.

Deputy Commissioner PS Vastrad said that “when the women visits  office next time, I will collect the details of her and ask the Thasildar to look into the issue.”

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