Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A film by city-based filmmaker for International film festival

A 30 minute short film in Kannada titled 'Nemmadi', shot by the city-based film enthusiast entirely by himself has been shortlisted for the Sixth International Film Festival to be held in Nasik shortly.

Working as a Technician at EMRC (Education Media Research Centre) of the University of Mysore, K Gopinath has made this short feature film by shooting non-stop for three days at a remote village named Krishnarajapura situated at Kaulunde on the way to Nanjangud to Chamaraja Nagar District. This is his maiden attempt and has spent about Rs One lakh of his savings to shoot this short film.

The movie narrates the story of a person who suddenly becomes rich overnight and how it affects his health while at the same time highlighting the importance of education. Aryabhat Awardee Balasubramanya and Roopa have acted in the short film 'Nemmadi'.

He has also made a documentary on the renowned environmentalist KR Gurukar under the title 'Impassioned Environmentalist KR Gurukar', which has been sent to Kannur Film Festival, Kerala.

A versatile Gopinathan pens the script and also does the shooting for his film. His next plan is to come out with a documentary highlighting the success stories of top achievers, and meantime to present work based on the theme of highlighting the mundane aspects of life.

Being cinematographer, he says, it was easy for him to shoot a movie while at the same time writing the script for it. He plans to shoot two short films and two documentaries every year.

He will be leaving city on March 19 and will be screening his film at the Film Festival which is scheduled to be held in Nasik beginning from March 20 for three days.

The message he tries to convey through the movie, Nemmadi, is merely having money is not enough to get solace and peace. His story starts with a couple living in a hamlet, eking their livelihood as daily wage earners. But were leading a happy life.

One day a petty shop owner not having change to return for the 'Beedi' he purchased, instead gives him a lottery ticket, which incidentally wins Rs 10 lakh. Later the illiterates couple get education under the Adult Education Programe and start a small scale industry of snacks and become wealthy persons.

They eventually move out of the village to settle down in a big city nearby. They build their own house and start transacting the factory work. Slowly other issues crop up, like matters related to health, tension, stress. It suddenly dawns on them that the satisfaction they had when they resided in the village was no longer available in the city.

It is when the couple decide to gift all their hard earned property to their servant and come back to the same village where they again started their life of daily wagers. Entering the village they experience a sense of relief, satisfaction. It is 'Nemmadi' all about.

A family face social boycott from village

Its very unfortunate that even in this era of 21st century, families being subjected to social boycott is still alive in rural areas. A family of HB Manjunath alias Basavegowda of Hirege Village and Post in HK Kote taluk have been subjected to social boycott from elders of villages.

The problem started when the family members refused to provide 20x20 place for village heads. According to Manjunath, the village leaders had asked them to handover the milk dairy, which is the only source for them for livelihood.

The eyes of the villagers went red, when the family members, belonging to Vokkaliga Community lodged the complaint with Police opposing the decision of villagers. Following this, the village heads have instructed villagers not to cooperate with their family members and even Gram Panchayat members have threatened to impose a fine of Rs 5000, if any villagers talk to them.

Meantime, Cops have asked Manjunath to get secret the issue through Court and they are helpless in this regard. Now, the family members have even approached Deputy Commissioner PS Vastrad to help them in this regard.

Stating we are being deprived of the facilities in villagers and we are surpassing mental stress, he said that amidst all this, the villagers have threatened to acquire their land and demolish the dairy. The family members have requested the concerned officials to help them, and provide justice for them.

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