Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Future Flow yet to take of to quicken movement of files

Programme to quicken movement of files at Collegiate Education
department yet to take off. Department of Collegiate Education, Mysore Region, had launched the programme 'Future Flow File Movement System', a Workflow Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), a customised electronic method to keep a close tab on the movement of files.

But unfortunately, even after more than one and half months of the
launch of the programme, the department has failed to adopt the
technology, citing shortage of Human Resources.
Mysore Division of the Dept. of Higher Education comprises districts
of Mysore, Mandya, Hassan and Chamarajanagar, to which around 103
colleges are affiliated, which includes 38 private aided first grade
colleges. More than 2500 faculty members work under this zone, and the
amount of correspondence generated daily is quite enormous.

With the adoption of the technology, the college staff need not visit
regional office every time to submit official letters of correspondence or documents for approvals. It will not only save time, money of the colleges, but helps to ensure transparency and timely completion of work.
Mysore Region Joint Director Nataraj Urs said that though the software is ready, due to shortage of human resources they have not yet adopted the programme and steps will be taken to implement the same at the earliest.

Future Design Technology Proprietor Naveen Kavirathna who has developed the software said that there is no need of human resources for the adoption of the software, its on-line process.

The Mysore University Private College Teachers’ Association President Dr Raju said that they have approached Commissioner to adopt the technology and give instructions for the Mysore Region Join Director to adopt the technology at the earliest. The associated had sponsored Rs 3 lakh for the implementation of the project.

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Know Future Flow

'Earlier colleges after submitting the letters of correspondence had to wait for several days to receive a reply. But, by the implementation of the programme it will not be the same.

The colleges by logging to the website www.rjdcemys.in, can update the correspondence letter. Similarly the college receives an inward communication, along with the details of the officer who is corresponding the file. A file number will be automatically assigned to each correspondence for future tracking.

The colleges can keep track of the file at every step of its movement by just clicking on 'Track Your File' link by entering the provided user id and password. In case of any delays in the completion of the correspondence, they can even raise a complaint. Joint Director can take action against the erring official.

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