Tuesday, April 1, 2014

'India should use science and technology to compete with other countries'

Agriculture Scientist and Padmabhushan Awardee Dr M Mahadevappa said that China is ahead of using Science and Technology, compare to India.
“China is using the technology upto 70 per cent, whereas India only 17 per cent. Due to this, the farmers in the China are  producing food grains two times more than India,” he added.

“India is one among top three countries in world for Food Production, after Brazil and China. The farmers in country produce 259 million tonne of food in 143 million hectare region, whereas the farmers in China produce 500 million tonne food grains in 103 million hectare region,” he added.

He said, its high time the government should give attention in agricultural sector involving scientists, officers and take country to highter extent in agricultural sector.

He was speaking after the inauguration of  22nd state-level Bhajan Mela organised on behalf of week-long long Suttur Jatra at Suttur here on Monday.

'Amidst good atmosphere, fertile soil, water and irrigation facility, practice of traditional agricultural system, its very unfortunate that we are beat by China in food production.

“Though the contribution of India in agriculture sector is very high, its very unfortunate that Agricultural policy are not farmer friendly and the government schemes are not reaching the farmers. Without proper agricultural policy the farmers are facing hardship to get supportive price for the crops,” he opined.

“There are 66 agricultural Universities in country, out of which six universities are in state. We have kept our Research, technology safely locked in cupboard,” he regretted.
'More than providing information on agricultural practices, the officials provide information on subsidy. Due to this agricultural sector has fragmented. In the same, scientist are giving different opinions on quality breed of seeds. With this, the farmers are facing conflict situation and are trying all the seeds,' he opined.  

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