Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Rice Mill owners oppose government new levy order

The rice mill owners, under the banner of Mysore District Rice Millers Association have began indefinite stir in city from Monday, opposing the new levy order of state government. Terming the levy order as unscientific, the rice millers urged government to withdraw or revise the new rice levy order considering the interest of rice millers.

Association District President YK Siddaramu said that without calling rice millers for the meeting, the government has taken decision unilaterally. “Its impossible to achieve the set target in the levy and it harms the interest of Industry. Until government changes the decision, the rice mills will not function in district. ” he regretted.

The levy policy of government for 2013-14, follows the same of 1999. To produce one tonne of rice 40 unit of power was used in 1999.
Whereas, at present to produce one tonne of rice 110 unit of power is used. Most of the rice mills in the state have been modernised and 500 kv of power is used today, which was earlier 250 kv.”

The government has announced Rs 1310 per quintal of rice, and has ordered to purchase the paddy from farmers for Rs 1600, by providing Rs 290 supportive price. Adding the levy the price of rice will be Rs 2650. But, the government has fixed Rs 2400 and has meted injustice to rice millers,” he rued.
The government has fix the target of 13.50 lakh metric tonne for this year and has asked to deposit 5 lakh metric tonne of rice before March 31. In the history of last 32 years, expect one year, the rice millers are depositing 1.25 lakh metric tonne of rice all the years. Its highly impossible to deposit 5 lakh metric tonne of rice, he added.

Majority of the districts in State are cultivating Sona Masori Paddy and the government had waived the levy charges in 2005-06. This has to be continued, he said.
Only 35 per of paddy is being exported to other states through brokers in the total paddy grown in State. Even there is provision to collect levy for this paddy under the law, why the government is seeking only rice millers, he questioned. 

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